Interview about Impending Love and War

Hudson Hub-Times reporter Laura Freeman pens first novel

by April Helms Special Products Editor Published: December 5, 2014 12:00AM

The cover of Impending Love and War

The cover of Impending Love and War

Laura Freeman, a 10-year veteran reporter at Record Publishing Co., recently published her own novel, “Impending Love & War.”

Freeman, a reporter for the Hudson Hub-Times, said it took several years to write her first book, a historical romance.

“Research is ongoing,” said Freeman, who said she is already in the process of working on her next novel. “Whenever I see an opportunity to learn about history, I take it. When I was passing the barn at Keyser Park in Cuyahoga Falls, I saw workers removing the siding and took photos of the bank barn, which is described in my novel. I also took photographs of the Case-Barlow Farm’s bank barn inside and out. For the canal, I spent time on the towpath in the Cuyahoga Valley National Park and at the Akron library. I also picked the brains of Hudson Library and Historical Society archivist Gwen Mayer and Western Reserve Academy archivist Tom Vince for historical information. Whenever I find a book about the Civil War or historic subject at yard sales, I buy it.”

Freeman said a challenge was finding potential publishers for her work.

“I began sending my novel to the large publishers such as Avon and Harlequin, which referred me to its ebook publication,” she said. “After researching the independent smaller publishers, I sent a query and several chapters to The Wild Rose Press which publishes romance exclusively in ebooks and print. They asked for the manuscript and after editing the first three chapters, asked if I would make the suggested corrections and resubmit. I find it surprising that some writers would not want their work edited, but as a reporter, I expect my stories to be slashed and red inked. They accepted my corrected manuscript for publication in April and after rounds of more editing, it was published in October.”

Freeman’s novel centers on Abolitionist Cory Beecher and slave catcher Tyler Montgomery. Cory Beecher didn’t mean to shoot handsome Tyler Montgomery and she only kisses him so he doesn’t find the runaway slave in the barn. Abolitionists never considered marrying slave owners, but her world explodes with newfound desire when her lips touch his. Can she go through with her carefully crafted plans to marry math instructor Douglas Raymond when her heart longs for another?

Tyler Montgomery needs to find the runaway slaves before his rival Edward Vandal captures them. Although he doesn’t want to involve the fiery and beautiful Miss Beecher, once she kisses him, all his plans unravel. As his rival closes in on the quarry, he hesitates to leave, knowing she’s marrying the wrong man. But what does an unemployed lawyer with questionable parentage have to offer the woman he loves?

“I hope [people] have fun reading it,” Freeman said. “The characters are strong and challenge each other. From a pike staff battle on the deck of a canal boat traveling toward Peninsula to the Fourth of July picnic on Darrow Falls town square, the setting should feel familiar to those who live in the area. The idea of abolitionists, colonization and slavery defenders came to me while covering a story on the Underground Railroad at the Hudson library. The conflicting beliefs formed the story where Courtney Beecher is an abolitionists and attracted to unemployed lawyer Tyler Montgomery, a slave owner. Her other romantic lead, a math instructor from Western Reserve College, believes in colonization.”

The book, published by The Wild Rose Press, is $16.99 for paperback and $4.99 for digital. For details, visit,, Twitter @LauraFreeman_RP or her blog at


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