How not to propose

The cover of Impending Love and War

The cover of Impending Love and War

In Impending Love and War heroine Courtney Beecher wants Douglas Raymond to propose so she can turn him down. It doesn’t go as easily as planned.
“When other men have proposed to me, they at least compliment me. You didn’t even do that.” She fanned herself with quick, agitated strokes.
Douglas looked stunned. “I’m sorry.”
“Oh, don’t apologize!” she snapped. Douglas cowered as if she’d struck him. He looked so scared that Cory had to fight the urge to soften her words. She closed her fan and smacked it against her palm. “It’s too late. Why no self-respecting woman would say yes to such a proposal. A woman expects flowers, flattery, and a declaration of love from the man she marries. In fact, I don’t believe you love me at all. I believe you’re still in love with someone else.”
Douglas shook his head. “No, that isn’t true.”
Cory raised her voice not only in volume but to an annoyingly high pitch. “Don’t lie to me, Mr. Raymond. I won’t be trifled with. I saw how you looked at Beth Davis when we were having supper the other night,” Cory accused. “You couldn’t take your eyes off of her. You still have feelings for her, don’t you?”
“I have the highest regard for Miss Davis but…”
“Don’t say another word.” Cory emphasized the words with a slap of her closed fan on his shoulder. “I could never take second place in a man’s heart.”
“But she turned me down when I proposed.”
“Proposed?” she gasped. “If you asked Beth to marry you the way you proposed to me, it’s no wonder she turned you down.”
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Courthouse congratulations

I received a letter from the Summit County Prosecuting Attorney Sherri Bevan Walsh congratulating me on the publication of my first novel. How great is that?

In Impending Love and War the hero, Tyler Montgomery, has to defend Noah St. Paul in the Summit County courthouse to prevent him from going to jail and paying a fine for helping runaway slave, Tess, his wife, and their baby, Adam.  Information about the original courthouse, which was in the same location as the present one, was on display while I was covering a criminal case for the Hudson Hub-Times.  Tonight I’m watching To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee.  Greatest courtroom scene with Gregory Peck.

Walsh letter

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The cover of Impending Love and War

The cover of Impending Love and War

19th century wisdom

_MG_3559“When you get into a tight place and everything goes against you, till it seems as though you could not hold on a minute longer, never give up then, for that is just the place and time that the tide will turn.” – Harriet Beecher Stowe

“Discourage litigation.  Persuade your neighbors to compromise whenever you can.  As a peacemaker a lawyer has a superior opportunity of being a good man.  There will still be business enough.”  – Abraham Lincoln

“There is no freedom on earth or in any star for those who deny freedom to others.” – Elbert Hubbard, 1859-1915

“Everyone is a moon and has a dark side which he never shows to anybody.” – Mark Twain


Cory Beecher on courtship

In Impending Love & War published by The Wild Rose Press Cory Beecher is hoping for a proposal of marriage from Douglas Raymond, who is leaving after calling on her.

The cover of Impending Love and War

The cover of Impending Love and War

Cory followed him into the hallway. She had placed the flowers he had brought in a vase on the sideboard. “The flowers are lovely. Thank you.” She handed him his hat. “I’ll see you at the celebration on the square on Wednesday.” She stepped outside onto the porch and led the way toward his horse, swishing her wide skirt side to side. For a few minutes, they would be alone.

She had worn her best-looking frock, an emerald and blue plaid made with a gathered skirt, wide shoulder straps and a tightly cinched waist to create an hour-glass figure. The bodice was altered for evening wear and cut perilously low in the front. Adelaide had threatened to tell her mother if she didn’t sew some modest lace inserts above the bodice, but she had postponed the work until after Douglas called. Now it appeared to have been a futile attempt to attract his attention.

…The visit should have been more successful with a delicious dessert, a daring outfit, and flattering conversation.  What did a girl have to do to get married?