Interview with thriller author Jenny Milchman


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by Laura Freeman | Reporter Published: July 12, 2015 12:05AM

Hudson — Thriller author Jenny Milchman will be at The Learned Owl for a publishing discussion July 14 at 5:30 p.m. in celebration of her new thriller novel, “As Night Falls” published by Random House, June 30 for $26 hardcover.

Recent news headlines about two escape convicts in New York could have inspired the idea behind Milchman’s latest book, “As Night Falls,” a psychological suspense novel about a dark, twisted turn of events that could shatter a family. One late autumn night, a woman looks up to see two convicts forcing their way into her home. Over the course of eight terrifying hours, she’ll discover the perilous connection she has to these men–and that the most dangerous secret is the one you keep from yourself.

Her previous novels include “Cover of Snow” in 2013 and “Ruin Falls” in 2014.

Milchman is a New York Times-celebrated author and a huge advocate for the literary arts, particularly independent bookstores. She’s vice president of Author Programming for International Thriller Writers, founder of Take Your Child to a Bookstore Day, host of Made It Moments forum, founder of the literary series Writing Matters, writing teacher for New York Writers Workshop and an award-winning, indie bookstore-celebrated suspense writer. Learn more at

Although it took 11 years for Milchman to publish her first novel, she said the wait was worth it.

“I work with a lot of writers,” Milchman said. “I know that there are many ways to publish these days. There are people doing terrifically well walking a different road than mine. But for me, when my editor at Ballantine first made that offer…it was like holding a dream in my hands. And it’s been a dream–a digging deep, working hard, having a blast kind of dream–ever since.”

Writing empowers Milchman, and she feels strong while writing. Her readers have shared the same feeling of being stronger after reading one of her books.

“That sense of being able to accomplish something great, do what needs to be done and maybe even save someone in the process–well, we normal folk don’t, and that experience is exhilarating for me as a writer,” Milchman said. “But it was an even greater thrill to learn that my readers get the same kind of charge.”

“As Night Falls” takes place in one night and is written at a fast pace, Milchman said.

“It was a challenge to make the characters full and real people when the reader sees them only during a single life-and-death crisis,” Milchman said. “There is a novel-within-a-novel in the book, with chapters dating back to 1975, and that allowed me to layer in some of what made these people who they are.”

As a writer, Milchman has learned she had to open up and hear others criticism to become a better writer.

“Once I had begun to learn, I still wasn’t ready,” Milchman said. “This game is played at such a high level–readers want and deserve the very best we can deliver. And it takes time, and a constellation of smart people and iterations for us to get there. For me to get there anyway.”


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