Logan Pierce on women drivers

Logan Pierce meets the clumsy and dangerous Jem Collins when she nearly runs him over with her buggy in “Impending Love and Death” the second book in the Impending Love series published by The Wild Rose Press.  Buy a copy of “Impending Love and War” at http://goo.gl/CFQBd1 and read it before book two is released Nov. 18, 2015.

Excerpt from “Impending Love and Death”:ImpendingLoveandDeath_w9794_300

“I arrived on the train.”

She stared at his dirty clothes.  “In the livestock car?”

The woman was oblivious to her role in his dishevelment, but he was a diplomat.  He changed his tone to astonishment.  “Can you believe someone nearly ran me over in the middle of the street?  A reckless driver behind a black gelding with three white stockings.”  His hand brushed the dust from his clothes, allowing her time to comprehend his implication.

She looked at her horse, a perfect match for his description.  “I didn’t see anyone in the street.”

“I was the fellow hugging the ground.”  He put his hat on.  “Now if you’ll excuse me, I have business to take care of before someone else makes an attempt on my life.”

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