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Review for “Impending Love and Death”

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Hudson Hub reporter releases second book

by April Helms Special Produts Editor Published: December 18, 2015 12:00AM

Fans of Hudson Hub-Times reporter Laura Freeman’s first book, ImpendingLoveandDeath_w9794_300“Impending Love and War,” published in 2014, now have another book to look forward to.

“Impending Love and Death,” which came out in November, can be read either independently or after the first book, Freeman said.

“My second book was easier to write because I learned a great deal from my editor with the first novel,” Freeman said. “The hardest part was the research for a historic romance. I traveled to Manassas this summer and walked around the battlefield to experience what the soldiers faced. Writing a story about a quest or search for an answer, such as Ben’s fate, was easier to plot because each bit of information led to the next decision. The second book has some familiar characters, good and bad, from the first book. I’m finding it difficult to kill off returning villains like the Cassell brothers so they’ll be back in book three.”

In Freeman’s newest book, Logan Pierce is a politician who has traveled to Darrow Falls, a small town in Northeast Ohio, and meets Jem Beecher Collins when she nearly runs him over with her buggy. Jem doesn’t know what happened to her husband, Ben Collins, after the 1861 Battle of Bull Run and travels to Washington City with Logan to seek news before the other men in his regiment are mustered out. He could be wounded in one of the makeshift hospitals or he could be a prisoner of the Confederacy. Logan doesn’t plan to fall in love with Jem, but when she travels to Richmond alone to visit the prisons and doesn’t return, he must decide whether to risk hanging to search for her behind enemy lines.

“I think the readers will enjoy traveling with Jem on her journey to 1861 Washington City and seeing the unfinished Capitol, visiting Willard’s Hotel where political deals are made, discovering a photograph taken by Matthew Brady before her husband marched out of the city, and visiting the scarred battlefield of Manassas,” Freeman said. “Mine isn’t a story about battles and officers, but how the war affected the common soldier and the women who loved them. Logan has to deal with his brother’s illicit affair and fight his growing attraction for a married woman as he searches for answers to why the Union lost the battle. Jem uses the medical training her doctor father taught her to help the wounded heal from the horrors of war.”

Freeman said Wild Rose Press is the publisher, and credited one of the publisher’s artists, Debbie Taylor, for “creating beautiful covers reminiscent of movie posters for each book.”

The third book, “Impending Love and Lies,” is already underway, Freeman said. This one will feature the third sister, Colleen “Cole” Beecher.

“Her story takes place in 1862 when men from Darrow Falls are fighting Stonewall Jackson in the Shenandoah Valley,” she said, adding that this third installment should be out in 2016.

For details, visit or or Twitter@LauraFreeman_RP.


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Tales of the Black Lion

In “Tales of the Black Lion” by Michael B. Coyle, he takes two minor characters introduced into literature by Charles Dickens and devotes the book to telling the adventures by Blathers and Duff as they stumble through solving crimes with a pint of bitter or a cup of tea in the taproom of the Black Lion. Coyle captures the language, customs, and familiar sites of nineteenth century London in his storytelling. “Tales of the Black Lion” takes the reader on an adventure in history helping the two private detectives solve murder, theft, and kidnapping with several tales. For those who love the language of London’s lower class, the dialogue will entertain you in fast paced discussions leading to the solution of each crime.


Staking a Claim review

In “Staking a Claim” by Devon McKay, she hits on all the elements of a StakingaClaim_w8762_medromantic conflict. Samantha “Sam” is a Miami advertiser visiting Alaska to sell it to tourists while Blake is a naturalist trying to preserve and protect Alaska from invasion by ignorant visitors. The rugged outdoorsman and pretty city girl have instant chemistry but have to navigate their opposing goals. Devon may be an Ohio native but her 27 years living in Alaska bring the adventures to life as Blake decides to educate Sam in the mysteries of the wilderness. She shows him the beauty and wonder of the land through fresh eyes. Devon develops the romance with an ebb and flow that keeps the reader turning the pages. The likeable characters are easy to befriend, and Devon mixes humor with adventure to move the romance along. When Sam is lost in the woods, the suspense of her fate builds to a final confrontation between civilizations.