Free books???

What do you think about #freebooks?

My publisher The Wild Rose Press offered my ebook version of “Impending Love and Death” for free June 24,25 and26 as part of its anniversary celebration.

I’m normally against giving away a book.  “You get what you pay for” philosophy, but I’ve downloaded free books to give the author a try.  Sometimes I’m pleasantly surprised and look for more books.  Other times, well, I didn’t waste my money, just my time.

I’m hoping readers will give my writing a try.  I’m a fan of #Outlander and although I don’t have the fame and success of Diane #Gabaldon, I think we share some of the same philosophies in writing. I do a lot of historic research and try to make my stories as accurate as possible. I also believe that history has to play a role in the story.  I hate historical novels that could take place anytime, even in the present.

Calling a man “Lord” and putting the woman in a corset doesn’t make it a historical novel.

In my books, the women are strong and seek solutions to their problems instead of waiting around for a prince to save them.  They take risk, which is why they’re usually facing danger.  The men have to deal with their own troubles and are never in the market to marry.  Together they solve an external problem and find common ground that results in a happily ever after romance.

I’m hoping the free book offer will entice readers to give the Impending Love series a try. The third book, “Impending Love and Lies” is in the editing process but should be released later this year.  And “Impending Love and Capture” is an exciting work in progress.


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Impending Love and Death
Laura Freeman


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Politician Logan Pierce visits Darrow Falls, Ohio, to enlist support for the Union cause.  There, he meets the beautiful and strong-willed Jem Collins and insists she  remain at home for news of her husband, Ben, after the Battle of Bull Run, but she ignores his advice.  Jem knows something is wrong when Ben doesn’t send word he has survived the first major battle of the Civil War.Jem travels to Washington City with Logan to search for news of Ben and uses her nursing skills to care for the wounded.  When Logan kisses her, she resolves to remain faithful to her vows of marriage, but can she?  Hearing news Ben may be a prisoner, she leaves the federal capital for Richmond but doesn’t return.  Can Logan wait, fearing for her fate, or does he risk capture and hanging as a spy by following into enemy territory?