“Impending Love and Lies”

New #historic #romance novel “Impending Love and Lies” by Laura Freeman released Oct. 26, 2016 at http://goo.gl/0fBnFq or https://amzn.com/B01LDJVD9S  Available in print and ebook @wildrosepress

The scruffy-looking passenger turnImpendingLoveandLies_w11000_300s out to be more trouble than Colleen “Cole” Beecher bargained for, especially since Blake becomes her patient. After a suitor spurs her to marry a rich socialite, she travels to Washington City and throws herself into work to help the Union cause. When Blake offers her a job at his hotel, she takes it for the money, but her heart desires more.

When hotel owner Blake Ellsworth boards a canal boat to escape the Cassell brothers, he meets a headstrong beauty who saves his life when he is shot. Despite his attraction to her, Blake is determined to join the Union army once his shoulder heads. Fearing he may make Cole a widow, Blake won’t propose marriage, but eight weeks is a long time to spend with a woman who stirs more than his imagination.


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