How to get published

Every writer should attend conferences or classes to improve their craft. I attended the 34th Annual Western Reserve Writer’s Conference Sept. 23 at the South Euclid-Lyndhurst branch of the Cuyahoga County Public Library. The event was free and had a variety of workshops and speakers.IMG_9676

Brian Klems of Writer’s Digest Magazine offered suggestions for getting published:

  1. Write a great story with an exciting incident to send the story into action where life as usual changes. The protagonist has clear goals, and the setting puts reader into the story. Use active voice, active verbs, and good grammar.
  1. Get to know editors and agents before pitching a story and make sure it fits the category they represent.
  2. Follow writing guidelines of editor or agent. Look at website for submission guidelines. Send at least five out at a time from your target list.
  3. Write a killer query letter
    1. Introduction with book, topic, and number of words
    2. Pitch or blurb
    3. Similar books and where it fits in their books (find through research)
    4. Qualifications and platform
  4. Have a platform – visibility and show how people can find you with blog, website, Titter, and Facebook
  5. Be kind, useful, and network. Never bad mouth agents or publishers.
  6. Embrace all feedback and don’t let criticism get to you. Move on.
  7. Be the easiest person in the world to work with.
  8. Have more than one idea; ready for alternatives –what else do you have?
  9. Stay positive – lot of rejections




Review of Impending Love and Capture

IMPENDING LOVE AND CAPTUREImpendingLoveandCapture_w11791_med - Copy

Released Sept. 15, 2017 and available at and @wildrosepress

A review by Dorothy Markulis

History and romance fans will find a great deal to love in author Laura Freeman’s latest book, “Impending love and capture.”

This is Freeman’s fourth book in this series about the Civil War and the Union supporting family, the Beechers of Ohio. Freeman manages to weave historical facts with fictional romance seamlessly, making the reader anxious to discover more and more.

“Impending love and capture” follows beautiful Jessica Beecher, a resourceful 17-year-old, through the horrors of the Civil War. The reader is with the fearless girl as she travels through the devastation caused by the war between the states.

The skillful author’s knowledge of the Civil War is astonishing and her telling of the horrors of war brings the reader right into the thick of the carnage.

The book details the horrific results of Americans fighting Americans.

Jessica, just 17, is plunged into the thick of the aftermath of the fighting, treating injured and maimed soldiers. The author makes the reader take the plunge with Jessica – experiencing the sights, smells and sounds of the war.

Jessica’s life becomes incredibly complicated when she is captured by a Confederate officer. Her hatred of war, and all that it entails, is brought front and center when she finds herself falling in love with her captor.

That love, throws her life into turmoil and threatens her very existence. Her views on life, love and the hateful war are forever changed as she fights to save the man she finds she cannot live without.




Impending Love and Capture excerpt

Her petal-shaped lips were likely coated with poison. He put the gun and knife in his haversack. “Even fully armed, you’re no

ImpendingLoveandCapture_w11791_med - Copy

match against the entire Confederate army, Mrs. Mackinnon.”

Jess looked around at the deserted town of Gettysburg. “Who’s Mackinnon?”

He pointed to his chest. “I’m Major Morgan Mackinnon. Your husband.”

She put her hands on her hips. “I’m not marrying you.”

“It’s in name only.” He didn’t want to calm her fears too much. “Would you prefer I tell everyone you’re a Beecher abolitionist? All the men in camp lost brothers and friends the past three days. They don’t need much of an excuse to take it out on someone. I’d hate for them to use your hide to vent their anger.”

A gasp escaped her trembling lips. His words had frightened her. “I’ll borrow it.”

Morgan swung her onto the wagon seat and joined her. He moved his haversack as far from her reach as possible.

She sat with her back straight, her hands in her lap. “Is Mackinnon Irish?”

Morgan slapped the reins on the back of the black draft horses and imitated his father’s Scottish brogue. “Dornt insult me, lass. Mah faither was a fierce highlander.”

She tilted her head with a teasing smile on her face. “Hah, if you’re a Scotsman, where’s your kilt?”

It’s nae th’ kilt that’s important.” He clucked at the horses and winked in her direction. “It’s what’s underneath.”

She slid to the far edge of the bench seat. “You said this marriage was in name only. No kilt lifting.”