Full Speed by Janet Evanovich and Charlotte Hughes

FULL SPEED 2004 by Janet Evanovich and Charlotte Hughes

Jamie Swift and Max Holt are back from Full Tilt (which I haven’t read yet, and I hate to read out of sequence) running from a mob hit in the previous book and tracking down a preacher Harlin Rawlins to find the mob leader who wants them dead. Max is super rich and into technology. His car has a computer named Muffin.

This is a lot like the J.D. Robb series with super rich Roarke and cop Eve battling crime. Does the hero always have to be super rich?

Max tries to send Jamie home, but she gets out of his car and goes out on her own. She ends up buying an old truck with a dog Fleas that goes with it. She goes to Rawlins’ church in disguise of hooker and tells him she’s a sex addict. It works to get his attention, but Max and his partner Dave, who are also in disguise, are there to spy on Harlin too. Max takes her to his cabin and says she’s to pretend to be his wife in his new plan.

Unknown to them, gangster Nick Santoni/MichaelJuliano follows her to the cabin and realizes who she is. He pretends to be Michael and asks her on date. Jamie doesn’t tell Max about Michael which would have ended the story because he knows his alias, and the reader realizes she’s in danger before she does.

There’s a lot of heat between Max and Jamie, but she knows he isn’t ready to commit to marriage after a previous one failed, and she doesn’t want her heart broken even though she’s falling in love with him in spite of her determination not to. The action is intense and fast paced. The romance is simmering and interesting enough to read the next book in the series.

Echoes in Death

Echoes in Death by J.D. Robb published February 2017

Eve and Roarke are driving home from a party and see a naked woman, Daphne, stumble in front of them. They rush her to the hospital and discover her husband has been killed and she was tied up and raped several times by someone dressed as the devil. Eve discovers similar crimes and pieces together the history of the killer’s crime spree, which escalates to a double homicide. Eve knows who the killer is and builds her case and brings him in. Ina new twist, Peabody plays bad cop to Eve’s good cop.

Daphne represents Eve and throughout the book Eve has to deal with the memory of murdering her father who brutalized her. Eve’s past helps her deal with the victims like Daphne and help them overcome their trauma. Her past and Roarke’s is what binds them together and provided a lot of the backstory in the earlier novels. This book has a lot of rapes in it, and some may not want to read about the violence.

Impending Love and Promise

Impending Love and Promise by Laura Freeman

Published Dec. 17, 2018 by The Wild Rose Press and available at Amazon https://goo.gl/B7lKMs

The Civil War is over, but a chance encounter between Jules Beecher and a man from her past turns a simple trip to find her orphaned cousins into a dangerous journey. Determined to keep a promise to her father,she puts her life at risk but finds a reluctant hero in Dr. Roe Greystone. Can Jules heal the “broken doll” of the battlefield or will the past destroy any future?   

Roe abandoned the profession of medicine, exhaustedfrom the suffering and butchering of the Civil War. Co-owner of a sternwheeler,Roe knew Jules was trouble the moment the kindhearted innocent boarded the Jenny Lee. He is determined to protectJules from a madman, but will this Romeo risk all to rescue his Juliet?


Roe Greystone stood firm but felt sorry for the women who left in silence, their faces drawn and downcast. They had given up. Soldiers hadn’t been the only casualty of the war.

He asked names, noting if they had the majority of their teeth when they spoke. He looked for sores beneath the powder and rouge. Up close he could see bloodshot eyes and smell the odor of cheap liquor on their breath when they answered his questions. He allowed those to remain who appeared healthy and had a spark of life still glimmering in their desperate eyes. The work wasn’t easy, and they’d earn their passage.

He reached the end of the line and stopped in front of a girl. He glanced at the other women who were older, dressed in garish mismatched outfits, or had lacked any signs of education, grace, or manners when they had spoken.

This one didn’t belong. The young woman wore a tailored jacket and simple skirt that emphasized her trim figure. Her face startled him by the resemblance to another woman he knew. He’d been thinking of Miss Jessie yesterday. He had admired her for her beauty and courage, but she had been married, and with a husband like Major Morgan Mackinnon, entertaining thoughts of seduction would have been suicidal. He glanced at the girl’s bare hand. No ring.

Her features were similar yet differences existed between the two women. They could have been sisters. This one had large blue eyes that met his gaze. She smiled, and he was captivated. “You have all your teeth.”

Her eyebrows arched above a look of surprise. “Are you buying a horse or hiring a waitress?”

Possession in Death by J.D. Robb

POSSESSION IN DEATH aka The Other Side December 2010

Eve witnesses the death of a gypsy woman who transfers her mind to Eve in order to rescue her granddaughter from behind the red door. Eve can speak Hungarian and knows how to make goulash which convinces Roarke she’s possessed. She IMG_2519 (2)investigates the life of the gypsy’s granddaughter who with other dancers has gone missing over the years. An injured dancer kidnaps them and forces them to dance every night for him.

This book has four other novella stories by four different authors but each story has a ghost in it to tie them to the same theme.

J.D. Robb has done several of these novellas in between her full-length novels. If that is something a writer is interested in, this would be a good example of each book with a similar theme but very different stories.

Remember When by J.D. Robb/Nora Roberts


This is two stories tied together. The first is a romance (written by Nora Roberts) in which Laina has built a new life after being moved from place to place by her IMG_2533 (2)criminal father Big Jack O’Hara. When one of his partners, Uncle Willy, is hit by a car in front of her gift shop, the past catches up. Private Investigator Max Gannon is looking for missing diamonds in a heist Big Jack participated in. Jack and Willy were con men who didn’t believe in violence but their partner Crew has already killed the fourth inside man in the job and is planning on having all the stolen diamonds for himself. Max thinks Laina is part of it until he meets her and both fall for each other in typical Robb fashion—fast and furious. Laina is her father’s daughter and the reader is kept guessing who’s going to end up with the diamonds in the end.

Fast forward to 2059 and the granddaughter Samantha Gannon has written a book about the romance and hunt for the diamonds. She returns home from a book tour and discovers her house sitter is dead. Then her cleaning lady turns up dead. It is up to Eve and Roarke to discover who is behind the murders. It doesn’t take long for them to realize it’s tied to the diamonds.

For anyone who wants to write a series that spans across time or genre, they should study this book. The background story revealed in the first book is repeated in the second but with different characters and reactions. Robb changes POV more in this book than in others which threw me a few times. She also reveals the killer’s coldness by using his POV and actions late in the book.

Full Scoop – by Janet Evanovich and Charlotte Hughes

Full Scoop – by Janet Evanovich and Charlotte Hughes 2006

Dr. Maggie Davenport’s former boyfriend Carl Lee has broken out of jail and wants IMG_2353 (2)the money he hid when he left his hometown. Maggie’s daughter Mel doesn’t know he’s her father and their relationship is strained as FBI agent Zack moves in with his own grudge against Carl Lee. Lots of familiar characters make guest appearances, and the Evanovich humor of ice cream, love potions, and hot attractions (sometimes between animals) balance the deadly threat of Carl Lee. If you like the Stephanie Plum series, this is a good one to try.

The authors use multiple POVs. I thought showing what was going on in Carl Lee’s head was important, but I didn’t need POVs from the minor characters. I think she should have had a few scenes with Mel’s POV, especially at the end to share the teenager’s angst.