The Husband List

THE HUSBAND LIST 2012 by Janet Evanovich and Dorien Kelly

Set in the gilded age heiress Caroline Maxwell is being groomed to marry an English titled aristocrat only her heart is set on Jack Culhane. Although the story set up begins slow it picks up pace and runs to the ending. Caroline and Jack first deny their feelings. Jack is a confirmed bachelor but when they admit their love, they see no future with her mother’s unwavering plans to see her wed to Bremerton, a man in need of a fortune but a heart as cold as ice. When her mother leaves her alone in Bremerton’s ravished estate and, she discovers he most likely murdered his first wife, who had lied about having a fortune, she takes matters in her own hands. The story has colorful characters like the heiress chasing Jack; the maids and governesses helping Caroline; and Caroline’s family, reminiscent of Elizabeth Bennett’s.

Mysteries by Les Roberts

The Cleveland Local by Les Roberts 1997

Milan Jacovich is a private investigator whose police buddy, Marki, dumps a murder case on him because attorney Joel Kerner Jr. is killed on a Caribbean Island. His sister wants answers. Jacovich begins to ask questions and a lot of people want the case ignored. The Cleveland setting allows for unions, mobsters, and real estate deals and almost everyone is a suspect and yet no one seems likely.

Jacovich is an old time detective who meets and talks with his suspects face to face. He gets roughed up more than once and his life is threatened in the end with a struggle with the bad guy. Roberts gives Jacovich plenty of heart by revealing his personal life in exposed pictures as he solves the case. Cleveland is front and center and anyone who loves the city, will love this series.

Whisky Island by Les Roberts 2012     Gray and Co. Publishers in Cleveland

Milan Jacovich is private investigator training ex juvenile delinquent and veteran Kevin O’Brannion KO. They both acquire new girlfriends during story. Convicted corrupt councilman Bert Loftus claims someone is trying to kill him. He is just trying to gain sympathy for sentencing but they take his case. It leads to corrupt landlords, a lot of political corruption and a call girl, who was taping her clients to blackmail the County Prosecuting Attorney. She is murdered bringing in the police and KO is kidnapped. Jacovich puts his life in peril to solve the case. Cleveland, its landmarks, and the different cultures add to the story. Roberts uses internal dialogue to reveal true feelings and add personality to his hard-nosed detective.