Marin’s Promise

Marin’s Promise by Madeline Martin 2019 Historical Romance

Lady Marin Barrington is left with her four sisters to protect their family castle in 1333 England while their father goes to fight in a battle against the Scots.

The castle is attacked by Bran Davidson, a reiver, or cavalry raider along the English/Scotland border. He was hired by Kerr who has his sister, Ena, locked in a prison and ready for execution for marrying an Englishman. He will do anything to save her. He has captured Catriona, who was picking flowers outside the castle, and Marin surrenders to save her sister’s life. Her other sisters include Anice, Ella and Leila.

Marin and Bran will protect their loved ones at any cost but are also drawn to each other. Marin’s plan to seduce Bran and kill him lands her in the dungeon. She sends her remaining soldiers and sisters to a neighboring castle to seek help, but Bran tells her reivers have taken the castle. She promises to marry him if he will rescue them. A battle causes Bran and Leila to be wounded. He shares his story of his family’s slaughter and she shares her family story after their wedding. They have to battle betrayal, family, and reivers before they can find happiness.

Stories follow in a series about the four younger sisters but this is one you will not want to skip. Martin captures the history and violence of the times. There is plenty of lusts and steamy scenes, but the story is strong and moves along at a fast pace. Once one problem is solved, another surfaces. The women are warriors and hold their own, but Bran shoulders some of Marin’s responsibilities and wins her heart.

This is an example of strong women in historical settings. Modern novels want women who don’t wait around to be rescued. They fight. Like a strong alpha male, an alpha female should be a combination of strength and vulnerability. Her love for her family motives her to be brave and strong. Her love for her man, gives her courage to act.

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