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Impending Love and Promise by Laura Freeman

Published Dec. 17, 2018 by The Wild Rose Press and available at Amazon

The Civil War is over, but a chance encounter between Jules Beecher and a man from her past turns a simple trip to find her orphaned cousins into a dangerous journey. Determined to keep a promise to her father,she puts her life at risk but finds a reluctant hero in Dr. Roe Greystone. Can Jules heal the “broken doll” of the battlefield or will the past destroy any future?

Roe abandoned the profession of medicine, exhaustedfrom the suffering and butchering of the Civil War. Co-owner of a sternwheeler,Roe knew Jules was trouble the moment the kindhearted innocent boarded the Jenny Lee. He is determined to protectJules from a madman, but will this Romeo risk all to rescue his Juliet?


Roe Greystone stood firm but felt sorry for the women who left in silence, their faces drawn and downcast. They had given up. Soldiers hadn’t been the only casualty of the war.

He asked names, noting if they had the majority of their teeth when they spoke. He looked for sores beneath the powder and rouge. Up close he could see bloodshot eyes and smell the odor of cheap liquor on their breath when they answered his questions. He allowed those to remain who appeared healthy and had a spark of life still glimmering in their desperate eyes. The work wasn’t easy, and they’d earn their passage.

He reached the end of the line and stopped in front of a girl. He glanced at the other women who were older, dressed in garish mismatched outfits, or had lacked any signs of education, grace, or manners when they had spoken.

This one didn’t belong. The young woman wore a tailored jacket and simple skirt that emphasized her trim figure. Her face startled him by the resemblance to another woman he knew. He’d been thinking of Miss Jessie yesterday. He had admired her for her beauty and courage, but she had been married, and with a husband like Major Morgan Mackinnon, entertaining thoughts of seduction would have been suicidal. He glanced at the girl’s bare hand. No ring.

Her features were similar yet differences existed between the two women. They could have been sisters. This one had large blue eyes that met his gaze. She smiled, and he was captivated. “You have all your teeth.”

Her eyebrows arched above a look of surprise. “Are you buying a horse or hiring a waitress?”

Published May 30, 2018

Impending Love and Madness at

1865 A historical romance novel by Laura FreemanBest_ImpendingLoveandMadness_w12429_750

Cass Beecher hopes Sergeant Zach Ravenswood will fall in love with her on an outing to Ford’s Theater, only to have their world turned upside down with President Lincoln’s assassination. Her romantic plans continue to be thwarted by family, friends, and a mysterious stranger. Can she save the man she loves from the enemies that plot to ruin him?

Zach thought with the war over, he could turn his attention to wooing the lovely Cassandra, but a fortune teller’s dire predictions begin to come true when a fire disfigures him, a nun poisons him, his uncle steals his inheritance, and he’s shot. Is he going mad or is everything not as it appears?

Cover art by Debbie Taylor

Published Sept. 15, 2017ImpendingLoveandCapture_w11791_med - Copy

Impending Love and Capture at

1863-1865 A historical romance novel by Laura Freeman

When Jessica Beecher stops to help a wounded soldier on the Gettysburg battlefield, Confederate Major Morgan Mackinnon enlists her skills to nurse his sister.  Unable to escape, she waits for Union forces to attack the retreating Confederate Army.  But the delay forces Jess to look beyond the gray uniform to the man who has captured her heart.

Morgan can’t let Jess leave when she overhears Lee’s army is retreating during the night.  She’s a dangerous woman and not because of the knife she pressed against his throat or the revolver hidden beneath her skirt.  The battlefield angel has a face no man can forget, especially when facing death.

Cover art by Debbie Taylor

Published October 2016

Impending Love and Lies at

1862 A historical romance novel by Laura FreemanImpendingLoveandLies_w11000_300

The scruffy-looking passenger turns out to be more trouble than Colleen “Cole” Beecher bargained for, especially when Blake becomes her patient.  After a suitor spurns her to marry a rich socialite, she travels to Washington City and throws herself into work to help the Union cause.  When Blake offers her a job at his hotel, she takes it for the money, but her heart desires more.

When hotel owner Blake Ellsworth boards a canal boat to escape the Cassell brothers, he meets a headstrong beauty who saves his life when he is shot.  Despite his attraction to her, Blake is determined to join the Union army once his shoulder heals. Fearing he may make Cole a widow, Blake won’t propose marriage, but eight weeks is a long time to spend with a woman who stirs more than his imagination.

Cover art by Debbie Taylor

Published in November 2015

Impending Love and Death at


Impending Love and Death

1861 A historical romance novel by Laura Freeman

Politician Logan Pierce visits Darrow Falls, Ohio, to enlist support for the Union cause.  There, he meets the beautiful and strong-willed Jem Collins and insists she  remain at home for news of her husband, Ben, after the Battle of Bull Run, but she ignores his advice.  Jem knows something is wrong when Ben doesn’t send word he has survived the first major battle of the Civil War.

Jem travels to Washington City with Logan to search for news of Ben and uses her nursing skills to care for the wounded.  When Logan kisses her, she resolves to remain faithful to her vows of marriage, but can she?  Fearing Ben is a prisoner, she leaves the federal capital for Richmond but doesn’t return.  Can Logan wait, fearing for her fate, or does he risk capture and hanging as a spy by following into enemy territory?

Cover Art by Debbie Taylor

Published in October 2014

Impending Love and War at


Impending Love and War

1860 A historical romance novel by Laura Freeman

Cory Beecher didn’t mean to shoot handsome Tyler Montgomery and only kisses him so he doesn’t find the runaway slave in the barn.  Abolitionists never considered marrying slave owners, but her world explodes with new found desire when her lips touch his.  Can she go through with her carefully crafted plans to marry math instructor Douglas Raymond when her heart longs for another? 

Tyler Montgomery needs to find the runaway slaves before his rival Edward Vandal captures them.  Although he doesn’t want to involve the fiery and beautiful Miss Beecher, once she kisses him, all his plans unravel.   As his rival closes in on the quarry, he hesitates to leave, knowing she’s marrying the wrong man.  But what does an unemployed lawyer with questionable parentage have to offer the woman he loves?

Cover Art by Debbie Taylor

Impending Love series on sale through The Wild Rose Press at at

About the Author:

Laura Freeman has been a reporter for the past eleven years and covers the historic town of Hudson, Ohio.  She has won the Press Club of Cleveland’s Ohio Excellence in Journalism award in 2013 and 2014 and the Ohio Newspaper Association awards in 2011, 2013, and 2014.  Her novels, “Impending Love and War” and “Impending Love and Death” take place in the fictional town of Darrow Falls but is based on the historical traits of the small towns in Northeast Ohio, where she lives.  She is working on her next book, “Impending Love and Lies.”

Visit on and Twitter @LauraFreeman_RP or her blog:

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